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On behalf of the Board of Governors of Alpha Delta Phi, and the 25,000 alumni worldwide, it is my distinct pleasure and privilege to extend to you the greetings and friendship that are the essence of the fraternity. Alpha Delta Phi is not just an undergraduate organization, it is a lifelong experience - an experience that becomes greater over time, as you realize the value of true friendship. In most cases, the individuals who are the brothers in your chapter will become your most enduring friends. It's certainly true that the social aspects of the fraternity are important, but our commitment to community service and literary programs are major characteristics of the organization. Our literary tradition is not just a nostalgic invocation of the past, but a vital part of our programs, and an exercise of our rights of freedom of speech. We insist on community service programs from each chapter because they're desirable in and of themselves, and because they help generate good publicity, a sense of community, and a sense of accomplishment.


I encourage all our members to partake fully in the activities of the fraternity, participate actively in chapter meetings, attend regional leadership conferences, and come to our Annual Conventions. All present a great opportunity to discover the diversity and personality of Alpha Delta Phi members throughout the world. To our undergraduate members, it is most important to stress, that your college career has to take primacy in the allocation of your energy; we want you in Alpha Delta Phi, but we want you to excel academically so that you can be a successful role model for future members. In encourage you to browse this website and learn more about our history and take advantages of the resources library.




Steve Thompson, MIN 1995

President - Board of Governors

S. Thompson Signature.png

The mission of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity is to provide a comprehensive and positive personal growth experience for all undergraduate and alumni brothers: social, ethical, leadership, scholastic, community service, and literary.


We are a union of individuals, bound by common gender, heritage, traditions and goals, organized by Chapters and Alumni Associations.


We are recognized by our members, other fraternities, and our communities as the best National or International Fraternity.


We are financially secure and responsible.


We ascribe to the highest levels of ethics.


We are essential to our Chapters achieving their goal of being the outstanding fraternities on their respective campuses.


We sponsor literary programs which enhance the Fraternity's literary traditions and values.


We value our Student and Alumni members as full partners and serve their needs as our highest priority.


We have an ongoing expansion program at schools which meet our selective standards for educational excellence.

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