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This award, established in 1963, is the highest award the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity can bestow on a member. The Alpha Delta Phi Award is only given on rare occasions when the Board of Governors adopts an authorizing resolution preceded by an explanatory preamble. This award is given to honor a lifetime of service to the fraternity. Less than 25 members have ever received the Alpha Delta Phi award since its creation.


Stephen W. Starnes, HAM 1980

Peter G. Schmidt, WASH 1954

David K. Staub, ILL 1974

Donald B. French, MI 1953

Jonathan C. Vick, HAM 1964

Howard W. Eckman, BC 1951

Robert G. McKelvey, MID 1959

Robert S. Price, K 1958

Edward J. Donahue, III, JH 1968, VIR 2003

Stefan S. Davis, MI 1971

Roger D. Deschner, CHI 1977

Mark E. Larson, WIS 1985, MIN 2001

Hon. James E. Rice, Jr. COR 1930

William L. Vick, HAM 1936

Bruce P. Olson, ILL 1943

Edward M. Passano, JH 1927

J. Angus McKee, TOR 1958

David B. Landis, P 1920

Inglis F. Frost, TOR 1909

Norman Bassett, WIS 1914

in Minneapolis, MN (2017)

in Toronto, ON (2013)

in Champaign, IL (2011)

in Oxford, OH (2010)

in Schenectady, NY (2009)

in Vancouver, BC (2008)

in Boston, MA (2006)

in Charlottesville, VA (2005)

in Charlottesville, VA (2005)

in Charlottesville, VA (2005)

in Charlottesville, VA (2005)

in Madison, WI (2002)

in Ithaca, NY (1999)

in Chicago, IL (1997)

in Baltimore, MD (1994)

in Baltimore, MD (1994)

in Toronto, ON (1993)

in Oxford, OH (1969)

in New York, NY (1966)

in Palo Alto, CA (1964)

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