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Alpha Delta Phi has developed a new chapter reporting tool that includes submissions in one easy-to-complete online form. The process involves simple questions that help draw a complete picture of each chapter’s operations. Information included in the report will be used by the Awards Committee when deciding the annual chapter awards which are given each year at the convention.


Chapters that do not submit the annual report form will not be qualified for chapter excellence awards at the annual convention.

The Annual Report is a two step process that begins at the end of the fall term when a new chapter president is elected.


Step 1: Download and print the Annual Report Preparation Workbook. The workbook is replica of the online submission form and should be used as a template for your final submission.


The workbook can be downloaded at or via the resource center in OmegaFi Vault after February 1 of each year.  


Step 2: Proceed to the Online Annual Report Form using the link sent to each president in the spring. All entries are final and may not be changed once the form is submitted.



February 1, 2018

April 1, 2018

June 1, 2018 

Updated preparation workbook available online and via email

Online form link sent to all chapters presidents via email 

Online form submission due 

Use this document to plan ahead for the annual report process.