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The annual report is Alpha Delta Phi's chapter self-assessment tool which helps the Executive Office make data-driven decisions to better support our chapters. Completing the report involves answering simple questions and submitting documents that will help paint a complete picture of each chapter’s operations. Information submitted in the report will be used by out staff to tailor support and resources specific to each chapter’s needs, determine annual chapter awards which are given each year at convention, and calculate the chapter’s insurance premium for the next academic year based on the new variable rate program

Any information submitted in the annual report will not be used against the chapter for any disciplinary reason. The data submitted will be used solely to determine where to provide support. Please answer all questions honestly and truthfully. 


In preparation for completing the annual report, each chapter should review the annual report outline that is sent to all chapter presidents and prepare all the necessary documents before beginning the online report form. The report will take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete but can be completed quicker if responses and documents are prepared prior to beginning the online form. A list of documents that will be needed for the annual report are listed below: 

  • Required Document Submissions

    • New Member Education Plan

    • Chapter Budget

    • Risk Management Plan

  • Optional Documents Submissions* 

    • Chapter Bylaws

    • Spring 2019 and Fall 2020 GPA Reports

    • Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Newsletters

    • Recruitment Plan

    • Chapter Retreat Agenda

    • Chapter Meeting Minutes


*While some documents are optional to upload and submit, the information within those documents will still be needed to answer certain questions on the report and should be used to prepare responses

Within the Annual Report, chapters will be asked for information on the following areas of operation:

  • Basic Chapter Information and Contacts

  • Academics

  • Community Involvement and Public Relations

  • Chapter Programming

  • Recruitment

  • Membership Development

  • New Member Education

  • Financial Health/OmegaFi

  • Risk Management

  • Alumni Relations

  • Chapter Operations, Accountability, and Standards

  • Chapter Housing


All chapters must complete the report by Friday, June 12, 2020. Each chapter president is sent an email including a link to access the annual report and a detailed outline of the information requested in the report.  The report must be completed in one session as answer cannot be saved to return to at a later time. 

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