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The Brothers In Arms Challenge was developed in an effort to establish a fraternity wide philanthropic campaign devoted to tackling the issue of active duty soldiers and military veterans taking their own lives.  The Brothers in Arms Challenge is a call to action for our chapters to get out in their communities and make an impact.  Over the course of twenty-two days, chapters are encouraged to raise awareness on their campus, volunteer in their communities, and raise money for Stop Soldier Suicide and Veterans Transition Network.

Alpha Delta Phi is a proud partner of the following organizations:


Everyday, 22 veterans and 1 active duty soldier commit suicide. This is nothing short of an epidemic, and we must do our part to combat this problem. The burden from the stigma of mental health problems and the shame surrounding Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) push our soldiers to this point.




WEEK 1: APRIL 8-14, 2019

 Week 1 is dedicated to introducing and bringing attention to the issue in your local networks and communities.  During the first week of the challenge, chapters should focus on engaging their campus and community members with the facts and figures of the issue. Chapters are encouraged to brainstorm creative ways to spread awareness throughout their communities.  Ideas include but are not limited to:

  • Reserve space in the student union area/ near dining halls/ other heavily trafficked areas.  Set up tables and have Stop Soldier Suicide/VETS Canada information to distribute. Have a donations jar available.  Incorporate an activity such as 22 push up challenge. 

  • Petition on campus for “Reverse Boot Camp” program. 

WEEK 2: APRIL 15-21, 2019

While Week 1 focuses on introducing and raising awareness for the issue, Week 2 is about getting active and volunteering in your local community.  The impact we can make volunteering in our local communities is equally as important as the donations we can raise together as a whole.  During the second week of the challenge, chapters are encouraged to coordinate community service projects that serve to benefit veterans and active duty soldiers.  Ideas include but are not limited to:  

  • Team up with a local sorority or student organization and put together a letter writing/care package campaign to send to troops overseas.  Websites like and provides great guides on how to do so.


  • Hospital Volunteering: Veterans Affairs hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics all require volunteers to to help with a wide range of duties.  


  • Home building for troops. See the immediate and tangible impact of your hard work right away. Put the manpower of your chapter to use and find a homebuilding event near you


Your chapter can get involved in many different ways!  Connect with your local VA branch and brainstorm some other meaningful ways your chapter can make an impact.  The purpose of Phase 2 is for you and your members to get out, do something and connect with your community! 

WEEK 3: APRIL 22-29, 2019

The final phase is dedicated to fundraising. During the final week, chapters will compete directly with each other to raise the most money for Stop Soldier Suicide/VTN as possible in hope to met the overall chapter goal (or exceed it). Chapters are encouraged to partner with other student or community based organization to help raise awareness on the issues while raising money. Each chapter and each member will have access to a custom fundraising portal to share with friends and family. 

Chapter may also plan a large scale event such as a golf outing, 5K run/walk, or team up with the ROTC program to develop a physical challenge competition on campus. Make it fun and be creative! If your chapter needs inspiration or ideas, contact a Chapter Service Consultant for more information. 

Information regarding the fundraising website will be sent out in December to all chapters. Brothers will be encouraged to create personal profiles and share their individual fundraising link with their own networks of family, friends, professors and co-workers.



The chapter who raises the most money (and records it online) will receive a custom made crystal monument award to display in their chapter house with pride. The award will be presented by representatives from both charities at the annual convention.


The Top 5 brothers who raise the most money (and record it online) will receive a custom "challenge coin" and be included in the "Victory Circle". The top raiser will receive a small crystal monument to commemorate his achievement. 


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