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In 1922 the delegates to the 90th convention of Alpha Delta Phi considered further expansion to Canada. Accordingly, the Memorial and Toronto Chapters were instructed to survey the situation and to keep the other Chapters informed as to the latest developments among Canadian colleges and universities. At the Fraternity convention in 1924, members of the Executive Council became interested in the University of British Columbia as a possible site for expansion. They realized the advantages of its proximity to the Washington Chapter as well as the promising growth of the University. Accordingly, two alumni of the Toronto Chapter, resident in Vancouver and formerly active in the negotiations, pertaining to the installation of the Washington Chapter, were asked to investigate the possibility of establishing a chapter at the University of British Columbia. In the course of their inquiries they came in contact with alumni of a prominent local fraternity on the campus known as Phi Epsilon.


This local group had a short but interesting career. Formed in 1912, it flourished until the outbreak of war in 1914, when the entire body left on active service. In 1916, certain members, who had returned to Vancouver, organized a chapter of their fraternity in the new University of British Columbia, which had taken over McGill University College. From that time, the University Chapter of Phi Epsilon was continuously in existence quite independently of the two groups.


Early in 1925, the University Chapter asked to be allowed to petition Alpha Delta Phi and those of their alumni who had not attended the University of British Columbia, although realizing that they could not be signatories to the petition, gave enthusiastic support to the others in their request. Having secured the endorsement of the Vancouver Alumni Association of Alpha Delta Phi and the formal support of several chapters, including those in Canada and on the Pacific Coast, a petition was presented to the several chapters in December 1925.


On February 17, 1926, word was received that the Fraternity had granted a charter for a chapter in the University of British Columbia to be known as the British Columbia Chapter, and the formal installation took place on September 25 of the same year. 

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