The Florida State Affiliate was born out of the need to create a different experience for the Florida State University college men. 


In 2009, a group of men came together to pursue The Alpha Delta Phi for admission as an affiliate. They recognized that they would need to provide the campus something different from the present fraternities on campus who routinely recruited 40 men per semester and had groups as large as 250 brothers; a less than intimate number. 


Pledging to themselves to be better than all the rest, they pursued their first rush in 2009 as an alternative to the fraternities which dominate the campus in a traditionally "fratty" role. 


The chapter eschewed a place in Heritage Grove, a complex created for roughly half the Florida State Fraternities. What better way to lead to a new type of fraternity by not having this expensive and mundane complex governed by restrictive rules. The six founding fathers of the Affiliate were initiated into the mysteries of The Alpha Delta Phi on Oct 17, 2009. By the end of the year, they had 25 active members. 


The Florida State Affiliate continues to grow to this day and intends to bring the finer points of being a Gentleman to the Florida State Campus. The Affiliate was chartered in August, 2012 

ALPHA DELTA PHI FRATERNITY / 60 South 6th St. Suite 2800 Minneapolis, MN 55402 / T 508.226.1832 / office@alphadeltaphi.org

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