The Board of Governors is made of twelve Alumni Governors, elected for a three year term, and three Student Governors elected annually.  The terms of the Alumni Governors are staggered to provide continuity.  There are other restrictions on who may be elected to assure that no region or chapter may dominate the Board.


The Board of Governors generally holds four regular meetings each year. One of these is at the Convention; others are held at various locations in the fall, winter, and spring - usually in locations with active chapters or affiliates.


The Governors elect the President, Vice President, and Treasurer of the Fraternity from among themselves.  The President, with the Boards approval, appoints the Secretary and Assistant Treasurer, who may or may not be Governors.  

This structure reflects the Constitution as amended on April 21, 1968.  The Fraternity has not always been governed this way.  During the 19th century as the Fraternity grew throughout the century, it became necessary to establish a central alumni organization to coordinate the activities of the undergraduate units.  


In 1879 a corporation was formed under a special act of the New York State legislature known as “The Executive Council of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity.”  This corporation was disbanded in 1968 with the adoption of a new Constitution by the 136th Convention.​

To see a list of past presidents of the Alpha Delta Phi, click here



Matthew Burton, Rutgers 2018

Term Expires: 2021

Keith Gorda, Rutgers 2016

Term Expires: 2021

Alvin Lomibao, Rochester 2009

Term Expires: 2023

Nate Parsons, Florida State 2019

Term Expires: 2022 

Steve Thompson, Minnesota 1995

Term Expires: 2022 - President


Alpha Delta Phi is always looking for new members for the Board of Governors. All alumni Governors pay their own travel expenses and are required to attend four meetings throughout the year one of which is the annual convention. If you are interested in volunteering to become a governor, please download the nomination form and email it to our headquarters at