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Noting an apparent receptive atmosphere for expansion at the University of Massachusetts, Alpha Delta Phi International had its then Field Representative, Kevin Campbell, HAM 1977, recruit a core group through informal meetings. With the initiation of eleven men at the Lambda Phi Chapter at MIT, among whom nine were the Affiliate’s founding fathers, the formal existence of Alpha Delta Phi commenced at the University. An adoptive alumni group was established by the International and incorporated as the Adelphic Alumni Association of Massachusetts, Inc. Soon, a home for the fledgling Affiliate was secured by the alumni at Fraternity/Sorority Park.


The Affiliate worked diligently with both International and the University while trying to establish its own identity. The Brothers faced much adversity through the initial three years, but given some pertinent personnel changes, they discovered a natural formula for their own success. They cited diversity and commitment as the focus of recruitment and significantly enhanced the number of initiates. In 1981, the University awarded the Affiliate the “Most Improved Chapter” award for its campus achievements; and the Fraternity followed through with the grant of a Charter that following August, at the 149th Convention. The new Chapter could boast of having produced an IFC President in 1981. The success of the Chapter subsided in 1982 with the first of a succession of housing changes. The purchase of a chapter house would elude the Chapter until 1983.


In 1987, because of increased restrictions on fraternities and alumni apathy, the Chapter’s fortunes again waned to the point where the chapter house had to be sold. Fighting for its life and with the unswerving dedication of Brother Jay Flynn, MASS 1985, the Chapter staged a comeback in 1988, when the alumni was reformed as the Massachusetts Adelphic Literary Society, Inc., the first controlled by the Massachusetts alumni. The aid and support of the resurgent alumni and the objective of securing a new house has led to a revitalization of the Chapter. 

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