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The oldest, yet one of the newest fraternities at Miami University is the Miami Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi, founded by Samuel Eells. The Miami Chapter was the first fraternity west of the Alleghenies as well as the first at Miami. It provided the inspiration for the founding of the Miami Triad – Beta Theta Pi in 1839, Phi Delta Theta in 1848, and Sigma Chi in 1855. Miami University has since been known as “The Mother of Fraternities,” and it was Samuel Eells who introduced the fraternity concept at Miami when he moved to Cincinnati in 1833 to practice law. The Chapter originated with the initiation of C.L. Telford, and J.B. Temple into Alpha Delta Phi in November 1835.


The Chapter flourished for forty years until June 1873, when Miami University closed in the wake of Reconstruction of the Union. Although the Chapter was never large, it was of high quality. Several buildings on the Miami Campus are named after members of the old Miami Chapter – Bishop Hall, Bonham House, Stoddard, and Swing Hall – to name but a few.


The Chapter did not return when Miami reopened in 1885. A new page in its history began, however, in 1947 when representatives of the Midwest Association of Alpha Delta Phi organized The 1833’s, a local fraternity whose express purpose was to petition Alpha Delta Phi for reestablishment of the Miami Chapter. Under careful guidance of Midwestern Alpha Delts and with the encouragement of Miami University, which housed the 1833’s in the Pines Dormitory, the group was initiated into Alpha Delta Phi on May 19, 1951.


In 1953, the Miami Realty Association of Alpha Delta Phi, composed of interested Alpha Delt Alumni of other Chapters living in the Cincinnati area, was formed to give financial support and counsel to the young Chapter. In 1954, the Association purchased a large brick house at 22 South Campus Avenue in Oxford, to which was added a spacious $70,000.00 wing during 1965. Located on the northwest edge of the campus between the University and the Oxford business district, it is probably the most ideally situated fraternity house in Oxford. 

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