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In January of the year 2006, on the campus of the young but lusty Brandeis University, a group of men united in forming an affiliate of The Alpha Delta Phi. Leading the group were three sophomores of the class of 2008 who expressed as their objective the development of qualities of character embodied by Alpha Delta Phi. By the end of 2007 the members of the group considered that their organization had shown its caliber and vigor and was in the strategic position to carry its plea for membership to The Alpha Delta Phi International. 


In October, 2007, Brandeis University threatened to take legal action against the members of Alpha Delta Phi for using the “Brandeis” name in its title. Originally, it had been known as the Brandeis affiliate. The members decided to change their name to Middlesex right before submitting their petition to the Board of Governors. Middlesex was chosen because the land on which the current university stands was Middlesex College prior to 1948. In addition, the city of Waltham is in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. 


The petition was drawn up in November and a presentation for charter was given at the fall Board of Governors meeting, held at the Phi Kappa Chapter in Hartford, Connecticut. At that time there were twenty-six men in the affiliate, all prominent on the local campus. The affiliate received ratification of its charter on August 9th, 2008 at the 176th Convention in Berkeley, California. 


The Middlesex Chapter has steadily grown over the past two years. In just its second year, the chapter won the E.O. Blackman Award, annually given by The Alpha Delta Phi International to its best chapter. The chapter’s first home, known as The Old Fox by the campus community, is located on Charles Street, near Moody Street in Waltham, Massachusetts. The Old Fox will provide the brothers at Middlesex with room to grow and will give the chapter an upper hand in recruiting new members. In a matter of two years, the chapter has gone from three to 30 members. 


*The Middlesex Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi is comprised of undergraduate students attending, or alumni who did attend, Brandeis University. The Middlesex Chapter is not affiliated with or recognized by Brandeis University, but is chartered by and in good standing with Alpha Delta Phi. 

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