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The Order of the Sword and Spear is given on an annual basis to designate the most outstanding undergraduate brother. It is the highest award the fraternity can bestow on an undergraduate.  Each chapter may nominate one recipient per year. The recipient is selected solely on the basis of his personal contribution to his chapter, school, and community.


Connor Goudal, BC 2019

Gerald C. Fraas, ALA 2019

Timothy Martin, MD 2017

Timothy M. Palace, UN 2016

Nicholas M. Mangano, MIN 2011

Jeremy N. Blackburn, MIN 2010

Ryan M. Daspit, LP 2009

Mohammed Sakrani, MDSX 2009

Sean Chappell, CAL 2008

Stephen J. Ehrfurth, MIN 2006

Joshua R. Oviatt, ADEL 2005

Eric G. Osborne, AM 2004

Kevin P. O'Halloran, MIN 2003

David C. Farris, ILL 2002

Timothy G. McGee, ILL 2001

Andrew R. Burton, K 2000, MIN 2001

Brian Kreier, Y 1999

Branton Cole, P 1998

Paul Forma, TOR 1997

Andrew J. Grieve, ILL 1996

John Lowe, IV, ILL 1995

Rob Ray Allen, WASH 1994

Marc Lewis, WIS 1994

Bruce T. Lowe, VIR 1993

David F. Presson, II, VIR 1991

Jason Loewith, BRN 1990

Thomas E. Livingston, ILL 1990

Braden N. Waverley, WIS 1988

Joseph DeRosa, JH 1987

Jeremy Blachman, BUFF 1986

Barry Trent Ogden, MI 1985

Jeffrey C. Larson, WASH 1984

Anthony J. Domino, BRN 1984

Steven D. Hoyt, R 1985

John W. Holman, MID 1983

in St. Louis, MO (2019)

in Denver, CO (2018)

in Washington, DC (2016)

in Hartford, CT (2015)

in Champaign, IL (2011)

in Oxford, OH (2010)

in Schenectady, NY (2009)

in Schenectady, NY (2009)

in Berkeley, CA (2008)

in Boston, MA (2006)

in Charlottesville, VA (2005)

in Anaheim, CA (2004)

in Minneapolis, MN (2003)

in Madison, WI (2002)

in Montreal, QC (2001)

in Rochester, NY (2000)

in Ithaca, NY (1999)

in Champaign, IL (1998)

in Chicago, IL (1997)

in Ann Arbor, MI (1996)

in Amherst, MA (1995)

in Baltimore, MD (1994)

in Toronto, ON (1993)

in Minneapolis, MN (1992)

in Seattle, WA (1991)

in Schenectady, NY (1990)

in Montreal, QC (1989)

in Washington, DC (1988)

in Chicago, IL (1987)

in Cambridge, MA (1986)

in Berkeley, CA (1985)

in Rochester, NY (1984)

in Rochester, NY (1984)

in Oxford, OH (1983)

in Clinton, NY (1982)

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