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Alpha Delta Phi has provided opportunities for fellowship, fun and personal growth almost over 50,000 men since 1832. The goal is, simply put to help each other mold ourselves in to better men, morally socially and intellectually.


Here is a brief list of those more well known men who have taken what they learned in Alpha Delta Phi and used it for the betterment of their community, their country and the rest of humanity. The list has been divided into categories (Business, Science and Engineering, Sports, Entertainment, Education, Literature and Journalism, Science and Engineering, Government) and includes past and present activities and is in no sense all-inclusive. 


Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harvard 1904

32nd President of the United States


Theodore Roosevelt, Harvard 1880

26th President of the United States


Salmon P. Chase, Dartmouth 1826

Secretary of the US Treasury Department


Oliver Wendell Holmes, Harvard 1861

Associate Justice; US Supreme Court


Joshua Chamberlain, Bowdoin 1852

Governor of Maine; Medal of Honor Reciepient


Frederick H. Gillett, Amherst 1874

Speaker; US House of Representatives


Michael N. Castle, Hamilton 1961

US Congressman


John S. Wold, Union 1938

US Congressman and philanthropist


William Luther, Minnesota 1967

US Congressman 


Hon. John Black Aird, Toronto 1945

Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

Canadian Senator


Richard R. Burt, Cornell 1969

US Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany. U.S. Chief Negotiator in the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) with the fmr. Soviet Union


Joseph H. Choate, Harvard 1852

US Ambassador to Great Britain


Dwight F. Davis, Harvard 1900

Secretary of War; Donor of Davis Cup


William R. Day, Peninsular 1870

Secretary of State


Charles S. Fairchild, Harvard 1863

Secretary of the Treasury


James R. Garfield, Williams 1885

Secretary of the Interior


Alastair W. Gillespie, Memorial 1948

Member of Canadian Parliament, Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce (Canada)


Fred Upton, Peninsular 1975

US Congressman


Alger Hiss, Johns Hopkins 1926

Clerk to fellow alumnus Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.; influential US State Department official; convicted of perjury in House Un-American Activities Committee investigation into communist spying


Edward M. House, Cornell 1881

Politician, Presidential adviser, and diplomat


Otto Kerner, Jr., Brunonian 1930

Governor of Illinois


Charles H. Percy, Chicago 1941

U.S. Senator


Thomas C. Reed, Cornell 1956

11th Secretary of the Air Force. Author of At the Abyss:

An Insider's History of the Cold War


William Luers, Hamilton 1953

US Ambassador to Fmr. Czechoslovakia and Venezuela

Adrian Zuckerman, Lambda Phi 1979

US Ambassador to Romania

Franklin D. Roosevelt

32nd President of the 

United States

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Associate Justice

US Supreme Court

Michael N. Castle

US Congressman

Governor of Delaware

Theodore Roosevelt

26th President of the 

United States

Joshua Chamberlain

Governor of Maine;

Medal of Honor Reciepient; Gettysburg

John S. Wold

US Congressman &


William Luers

US Ambassador

Fred Upton

US Congressman

Salmon P. Chase


US Treasury Dept.

Frederick H. Gillett 


US House of Representatives

William Luther

US Congressman

Charles H. Percy

US Senator


John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Brunonian 1897

Financier and Philanthropist


Henry Clay Folger, Amherst 1879

President, Standard Oil (Mobile)


David Packard, Stanford 1934

Founder, HewlettPackard


Grant Tinker, Dartmouth 1949

CEO, National Broadcasting Company (NBC)


Kevin Kennedy, Hamilton 1970

Managing Partner, Goldman Sacs

President, New York Metropolitan Opera


Robert G. McKelvey, Middletown 1953

President, George McKelvey Group, Inc.

Trustee, American Assoc. of Rhodes Scholars


Edwin Booz, Northwestern 1914

Founder of Booz Allen Hamilton and Booz & Company


David Culver, Memorial 1946

Chairman and CEO emeritus of Alcan Aluminum Ltd.


John S. Dyson, Cornell 1965

Chairman, Millbrook Capital Management;

Former Deputy Mayor of New York City


Eran Egozy, Lambda Phi 1995

Founder and CTO of Harmonix Music Systems

G. Keith Funston, Phi Kappa 1932

President, New York Stock Exchange

William R. Grace, Columbia 1900
Founder, W.R. Grace & Company

Elbert Hand, Hamilton 1961
CEO of Hartmarx


Allan Sproul, California 1919
Director, Kaiser Aluminum


Scott Hand, Hamilton 1964
Chairman & CEO of INCO

Arthur B. Homer, Brunonian 1917
President, Bethlehem Steel Company


Charles H. Percy, Chicago 1941
Chairman, Bell & Howell Corporation


Phillip W. Pillsbury, Yale 1924 
President, The Pillsbury Company

Elwyn L. Smith, Cornell 1917
President, Smith Corona Typewriter Company


Frederick K. Weyerhaeuser, Yale 1917
Chairman, Weyerhaeuser Company

Gerald B. Zornow, Rochester 1937
Chairman of Eastman Kodak

Colin Angle, Lambda Phi 1989
Founder and CEO of iRobot Corporation 

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Financier & Philanthropist

Robert G. McKelvey


George McKelvey Group, Inc.

Gerlad B. Zornow


Eastman Kodak

John S. Dyson


Millbrook Capital Management

Henry Clay Folger


Standard Oil (Mobile)

Kevin Kennedy

Managing Partner

Goldman Sacs

Frederick Weyerhaeuser


Weyerhaeuser Company

Eran Egozy

Founder and CTO

Harmonix Music Systems

David Packard



Grant Tinker


National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Colin Angle

Founder and CEO

iRobot Corporation

Edwin Booz


Booz Allen Hamilton


Robert Ludlum, Middletown 1951



Francis Bellamy, Rochester 1876

Author of the original Pledge of Allegiance


Daniel Pearl, Stanford 1986

Journalist; Wall Street Journal


Henry R. Luce, Yale 1920

Publisher, Time Life


Chris Cuomo, Yale 1992

Television Journalist, CNN


Thorton Wilder, Yale 1920



Samuel Hopkins Adams, Hamilton 1891



Philip Barry, Yale 1918



Stephen Vincent Benet, Yale 1919



Richard G. Eberhart, Minnesota 1926



David Eisenhower, Amherst 1970

Author; Gradson of President Dwight D. Eisenhower


Sean Ellis, British Columbia 2010

Author and playwright


John Farrar, Yale 1918

Poet, Publisher


Chris Miller, Dartmouth 1961

Co-author of Animal House


Col. Robert R. McCormick, Yale 1903

Editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune.


Scott Turow, Amherst 1970


Robert Ludlum


Henry R. Luce


Time, Life

David Eisenhower

Author, Grandson of President Eisenhower

Francis Bellamy

Author of the original Pledge of Allegiance

Thorton Wilder


Chris Cuomo

Television Journalist


Daniel Pearl


Wall Street Journal

Chris Miller

Co-Author of Animal House

Richard G. Eberhart



Bernard W. Bierman, Minnesota 1915

Athlete, University of Minnesota Football Coach


Otto Everett Graham Jr., Northwestern 1944

Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback for the Cleveland Browns


Jackie Jensen, California 1949

Athlete, Major League Baseball outfielder


Walter A. Haas, Jr., California 1937

Owner of Oakland Athletics,

Chairman of Levi Strauss & Co.


Francis "Fay" T. Vincent, Williams 1960

Commissioner, Major League Baseball


Andy Enfield, Johns Hopkins 1991

Athlete, University of Southern California Basketball Coach


Jean Fugett, Amherst 1972

Athlete, NFL tight end, Dallas Cowboys 1972-1975, Washington Redskins 1976-1979


Bill Smith, Hamilton 1980

General Manager, Minnesota Twins 


Jeremy Glick, Rochester 1993

US National Judo Champion

Bernie Bierman


Univ. of Minnesota

Otto Graham, Jr. 

NFL Quarterback

Hall of Fame

Walter A. Haas, Jr.

Owner, Oakland Athletics

Francis "Fay" Vincent 

MLB Commissioner

Andy Enfield


Univ. of Southern Cal.

Bill Smith

General Manager

Minnesota Twins


MacDonald Carey, Wisconsin 1935



Roger Faxon, Johns Hopkins 1970

C.O.O. of Columbia Pictures, C.E.O. of EMI Music


Frederick March, Wisconsin 1920



Caleb Deschanel, Johns Hopkins 1966

Academy Award-nominated cinematographer


Hayden Schlossberg, Chicago 2000



Ben Stein, Columbia 1966

Actor, Author, Economist, Humorist


Franchot Tone, Cornell 1927



Monte Woolley, Yale 1911



Walid Amini, Minneosta 2013


David Kronis, Massachusetts 1999

Production Designer, Tony Award Nominee for Hamilton

Roger Faxon

CEO of EMI Music

Hayden Schlossberg


Ben Stein

Actor, Author, Economist, Humorist


Joseph S. Ames, Johns Hopkins 1886

President, Johns Hopkins University


Charles W. Eliot, Harvard 1853

President, Harvard University


William Watts Folwell, Geneva 1857

President of the University of Minnesota


G. Keith Funston, Phi Kappa 1932

President, Trinity College


Daniel Coit Gilman, Yale 1852

President, Johns Hopkins University


Kent Hubbell, Cornell 1967

Cornell University Dean of Students


Emory W. Hunt, Rochester 1884

President, Denison University;

President, Bucknell University


Harry Burns Hutchins, Peninsular 1871

President, University of Michigan


Robert M. Hutchins, Yale 1921

President, University of Chicago


Har Barry Mills, Bowdoin 1972

President of Bowdoin College


Andrew Van Vranken Raymond, Union 1875

President of Union College


Eugene V. Rostow, Yale 1933

Dean, Yale School of Law; Advisor to U.S. Department of State


Thomas B. Rudd, Hamilton 1921

President, Hamilton College

William Watts Folwell

1st President of the University of Minnesota

Daniel Coit Gilman

President, Johns Hopkins University

Kent Hubbell

Dean of Student

Cornell University


Frederick Madison Allen, California 1902

Pioneer in diabetes


Farrington Daniels, Minnesota 1910

Pioneer in solar energy;

Chairman, Chemistry at University of Wisconsin–Madison


Michael Gazzaniga, Dartmouth 1961

Founder of the field of cognitive neuroscience


William H. Masters, Hamilton 1938

Researcher of human sexuality


Theodore Luqueer Mead, Cornell 1877

Naturalist, entomologist and horticulturist


Colonel Steven R. Nagel, Illinois 1969

NASA astronaut; Space Shuttle Discovery, Space Shuttle Challenger, Space Shuttle Atlantis, Space Shuttle Columbia


Kenneth Ouriel, Rochester 1977

Vascular surgeon and Chief of Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic


Louis Ridenour, Chicago 1932

Developer of radar, adviser to President Eisenhower


Pedro A. Sanchez, Cornell 1962

Soil scientist, 2002 World Food Prize Laureate


Daniel M. Tani, Lambda Phi 1984

NASA astronaut, Space Shuttle Endeavour, 

International Space Station


Josiah Whitney, Yale 1839

California State Geologist; namesake of the highest peak in the continental US, Mt. Whitney

Col. Stephen R. Nagel


Kenneth Ouriel

Chief of Surgery

Cleveland Clinic

Dr. William H. Masters

Researcher of Human Sexuality

Josiah Whitney


Farrington Daniels

Pioneer in Solar Energy

Daniel M. Tani



Samuel Blatchford, Columbia 1837

Justice, US Supreme Court


Henry Billings Brown, Yale 1856

Justice, US Supreme Court


Salmon P. Chase, Dartmouth 1826

Chief Justice, US Supreme Court


William R. Day, Peninsular 1870

Justice, US Supreme Court


Oliver Wendell Holmes, Harvard 1861

Justice, US Supreme Court


John Jay, Columbia 1836

Abolitionist and grandson of John Jay, First Chief Justice of US Supreme Court


Dana Porter, Toronto 1921

Chief Justice of Ontario


George Shiras, Jr., Yale 1853

Justice, US Supreme Court


Harlan F. Stone, Amherst 1894

Chief Justice, US Supreme Court

Harlan F. Stone

Chief Justice

US Supreme Court

William R. Day

Associate Justice

US Supreme Court

Samuel Blatchford

Associate Justice

US Supreme Court


Bishop Theodore B. Lyman, Hamilton 1837


Father Thomas Merton, Columbia 1938


Bishop Herbert Shipman, Madison (Colgate) 1890


Reverend Edmund M. Pease, Amherst 1854

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