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Alpha Delta Phi has provided opportunities for fellowship, fun and personal growth almost over 50,000 men since 1832. The goal is, simply put to help each other mold ourselves in to better men, morally socially and intellectually.


Here is a brief list of those more well known men who have taken what they learned in Alpha Delta Phi and used it for the betterment of their community, their country and the rest of humanity. The list has been divided into categories (Business, Science and Engineering, Sports, Entertainment, Education, Literature and Journalism, Science and Engineering, Government) and includes past and present activities and is in no sense all-inclusive.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harvard 1904

32nd President of the United States


Theodore Roosevelt, Harvard 1880

26th President of the United States


Salmon P. Chase, Dartmouth 1826

Secretary of the US Treasury Department

Joshua Chamberlain, Bowdoin 1852

Governor of Maine; Medal of Honor Reciepient


Frederick H. Gillett, Amherst 1874

Speaker; US House of Representatives


Michael N. Castle, Hamilton 1961

US Congressman


John S. Wold, Union 1938

US Congressman


William Luther, Minnesota 1967

US Congressman 


Hon. John Black Aird, Toronto 1945

Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

Canadian Senator


Richard R. Burt, Cornell 1969

US Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany. U.S. Chief Negotiator in the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) with the fmr. Soviet Union


Joseph H. Choate, Harvard 1852

US Ambassador to Great Britain

William R. Day, Peninsular 1870

Secretary of State

Charles S. Fairchild, Harvard 1863

Secretary of the Treasury


James R. Garfield, Williams 1885

Secretary of the Interior


Alastair W. Gillespie, Memorial 1948

Member of Canadian Parliament

Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce (Canada)


Fred Upton, Peninsular 1975

US Congressman


Edward M. House, Cornell 1881

Politician, Presidential adviser, and diplomat


Otto Kerner, Jr., Brunonian 1930

Governor of Illinois


Charles H. Percy, Chicago 1941

U.S. Senator


Thomas C. Reed, Cornell 1956

Secretary of the Air Force


William Luers, Hamilton 1953

US Ambassador to Fmr. Czechoslovakia and Venezuela

Adrian Zuckerman, Lambda Phi 1979

US Ambassador to Romania

Dwight F. Davis, Harvard 1900

Secretary of War; Donor of the Davis Cup

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