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Alpha Delta Phi is engaged in a measured expansion program aimed at the top colleges and universities in North America. We limit the number of expansion projects that we undertake at any one time to insure that each new affiliate receives the resources and attention it needs to succeed.


Why start a new fraternity chapter? Perhaps the fraternity system at you college or university does not have a chapter that meets your needs. Perhaps you are excited by the prospect of founding an organization that will continue to positively affect the lives of men on your campus for many years to come. Perhaps you are part of a group of friends that wants to perpetuate that friendship beyond your college years. Those of us who have helped start a new chapter can tell you of the pride of accomplishment it can bring you.


Why Alpha Delta Phi? We like to think of ourselves as somewhat unique in the fraternal world. We were founded as a literary society in 1832, and retain a commitment to that history. What do we mean by literary society? We expect each chapter to contribute to the intellectual atmosphere of their campus and to their members. Many chapters organize campus literary contests or speaking programs. We are more of a confederation than many fraternities, allowing each chapter a large degree of autonomy in how they meet the standards of Alpha Delta Phi, while maintaining a support network to assist them to reach their goals.

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