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You are admitted to the fellowship and privileges of The Alpha Delta Phi on condition of giving your assent to the articles of the following Covenant:


Article I.  You do solemnly promise that you will perform promptly and faithfully all the laws and regulations enjoined by this Society, and, to the last extremity, you will support and defend what you conscientiously believe to be the spirit and intent of its Constitution.


Article II.  You do solemnly promise that you will strive to cultivate in yourself a spirit of kindness, conciliation and good will towards every member of this Society, and that, whenever you may be reproved for a fault by any of your brethren, in that spirit prescribed by the Constitution, you will receive such reproof with gratitude, and that you will endeavor to profit by the same.  


Article III.  You do solemnly promise that in everything in which you shall stand related to this Society, you will guard strictly your conduct and thoughts; that on all occasions you will strive to cultivate an amiable temper, and kind, affable and cordial manners, together with everything that relates to your improvement as a social and moral being.


Article IV.  You do solemnly promise that whenever any member of this Society shall ask of you a special and particular favor, provided only that such request be proper and lawful, you will use all proper and lawful means to oblige him; and further, that whenever you may meet a brother of this fraternity whether in or out of college, you will never fail to treat him with a particular and marked attention and respect.


Article V.  You do solemnly promise that so long as you shall belong to the college of which you are now a member, you will set up for yourself a high standard of intellectual attainment; and that by a careful and diligent improvement of all your literary privileges, you will be faithful to yourself, and to the honor of this Society.


Article VI.  You do solemnly promise that in that department of literature which has been or shall be assigned to you by the voice of this Society, it shall be the whole and sole object of your investigations to arrive at truth; and that you will not spare time, trouble, or research, and that you will do everything in your power to render your disquisitions elegant, pleasing and instructive.


Article VII.  You do solemnly promise that whenever you shall observe a fault in the character or conduct of any of your brethren which, in your opinion, may operate, directly or indirectly, to the injury of the individual or the interests of this Society, you will kindly and affectionately admonish him of the same. 


Article VIII.  You do solemnly promise that you will, under all circumstances and on all occasions, maintain the honor and interests of this Society, and that you will use all lawful means to safeguard its intellectual, moral and social character, and to secure its permanent reputation and prosperity.


Article IX.  You do solemnly promise that you will never, in any manner, either by word, look or sign, or in any imaginable way, disclose or divulge, or cause to be disclosed or divulged, any of the acts, laws, designs, or proceedings of this Society; and that you will do your utmost to draw a veil of perfect secrecy over all its concerns, until your connection with it shall be dissolved by death.


Article X.  You do solemnly promise that with respect to every brother member of this Society, you will at all times and places, and under all circumstances, and on all occasions, do everything in your power to defend, support and maintain his moral and social character and his intellectual and literary reputation; and that whenever he shall be unrighteously accused or malignantly slandered, you will repel the attack with an honest and manly indignation, and that whenever you may hear of false reports, which  may operate to his injury, you will endeavor to prevent their further circulation; in short, that in all things which pertain to his personal character, and his reputation with his associates and the world, you will espouse his cause as if it were your own, and that you will constantly exercise towards him a spirit of charity, kindness and fraternal love.   

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