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Alumni Associations and Alumni Chapters must register every fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) to remain in good standing with the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity. The following three items must be submitted to be a registered alumni association:

  • Completed Registration Form

  • $800 annual fee & member safety fee (insurance fee)

  • Submit Association officers to the Executive Office 


To have a vote at the Fraternity’s Annual Convention, alumni associations will need to be registered for the fiscal year immediately preceding the Convention. The only exception is made for a brand-new alumni association (that has never been recorded with the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity ) who registers in full before the Convention meeting.


Alumni Associations in Alpha Delta Phi are chapter-based groups that unite alumni members of a specific college or university and often includes those alumni who live in the surrounding area but may not be from that chapter. Alumni Associations often plan social or philanthropic events to connect alumni with the undergraduate members, raise money to support specific goals of the chapter, or manage or own property for use by the chapter.

Registered Alumni Associations in “Good Standing” are granted a vote at the Fraternity’s Convention, which takes place every even year.

Upon graduation, every member of Alpha Delta Phi is given the opportunity to join an Alumni Association. If the chapter does not currently have an alumni association, a group of alumni from that chapter can submit the necessary paperwork and fees to Fraternity Executive Office and create one.

In addition to receiving a vote at the Annual Convention, registered Alumni Associations will receive the following benefits:

  • Insurance coverage for all Association members and programs within compliance of the Fraternity Insurance Policy.

  • Access to alumni membership list.

  • Alumni association specific marketing and branding and access to Fraternity images.

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