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Membership in Alpha Delta Phi will be one of the largest assets in your life. As with joining any fraternity, there are both tangible perks as well as unforgettable experiences and skills that you will acquire. We believe that Alpha Delta Phi has unique benefits that can only be experienced within our Brotherhood. Deciding to join Alpha Delta Phi will be one of the best decisions you choose to make, and you will continue to reap the benefits throughout your lifetime.



The Brooks Brothers Corporate Membership Program is a complimentary program that offers an everyday 15% discount on all regularly priced merchandise, both online and in-stores, as well as exclusive promotions throughout the year in the U.S and Canada. Customers must create a user profile (link below) using the Corporate Membership Number: 11610



Our partnership with the Jed Foundation educates our members on how to spot warning signs that a friend may be struggling with his emotional health, how to recognize when a problem is serious and how to get help for themselves or a friend in need. Through training our members are empowered to understand the importance of emotional health.

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